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    So for the last few years I’ve been pretty turned off by the chopper scene, its gotten stupid , its all fashion and trolling, what the fuck happened ? Where im at in Oklahoma I have very few friends and only one friend that rides and we never get out at the same time , but this isn’t about me being a loner, this is about how the ground has gone sour , first thing is a hard pill to swallow but it seems to be reality, Instagram has all but killed forums.. that sucks but is the truth , i hate it because i do enjoy Instagram but it takes a lot of the personal community feel away that you get with a forum, . A forum with a well rounded membership Is priceless, its the place for knowledge and experience to be shared about the actual mechanics of motorcycles and not just pictures of flashy paint and parties , nothing against nice paint , its nice to look at , but if you want to learn how to lay down that paint yourself we’ve got threads here to show you how , I could rant for hours about my thoughts on it all but im wanting to hear your thoughts on it all

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    I know my opinions tend to be a bit biased and unpopular at best but you asked for it...

    One issue is the fact that social media is 'safe'. Each user gets to control the image of their build, life, etc. regardless of whether or not it's an accurate depiction. This isn't a feature that's offered here but is to an extent on some other forums. You simply delete, block, and sweep away comments and users if you don't like someone's opinion about the picture you've painted of whatever you're doing... Another factor that ties into the last to an extent, is the fact that a lot of people either don't have anything of substance to contribute or are afraid that it will appear that way. I believe the fear of 'nobody cares about this and I'll look stupid if I post it' plays a big part there. I know I personally enjoy being able to see what skills others have and watch those skills grow and become more refined. Offering constructive criticism and advice to share possible alternatives. That raises the bar and helps our community grow as we watch more progressive builds happen, new methods develop, and keep traditions alive. The social media bar is extremely low since things only need to look good for the picture. When you read between the lines, often you find someone is acting the part with great looking pictures of bikes that are extremely unsafe or unreliable. Then when something goes terribly wrong like brake linkage hung up in a chain or freshly built motor that won't fire because installed valve stem height and seating weren't checked, it's played off as anything other than the fact that something important may have been grossly overlooked knowing that you can block off anyone who tries to call you on it.

    Forums also take time. You can post and tell a story on Instagram in less than 1 minute with your phone as you blast from Starbucks to Starbucks trying to impress the 17 year old barista with your wicked scooter. Posting to a forum takes a considerably greater amount of time and often easier from a computer than it is from a mobile device and that really cuts into the pumpkin spice crappucino schedule.

    The newer generations seem less concerned with substance. It's a world of instant gratification now. All the reward without any of the work. The communities that we remember took work. Guys (and some girls ) would work an 8 hour day, come home and wrench, then share with their friends (in detail) what they've done and are planning next before looking at what the other members are doing. It's all work but it builds strong bonds and relationships. There are a lot of guys here that I've never met in person but are closer to my heart than people I share DNA with. It's real and honest whether it's hearing praise or being told you're fucking up. I prefer that to the facade everyday of the week.

    But speaking of work, I need to get back to it and find out why a tranny I put together months back and then shelved is locking up in 3rd now. Maybe I probably overlooked something important because I was working 120 hours a week and doing detailed shit in a dangerously tired state. See, we all fuck up...except on social media... #PositiveVibesOnly


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      Wow, perfectly said.

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      Well said mang.

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    In our parts it seams as the only “scene” is us, the NorCal flys. That’s fine as I’m not much into the scene anyhow! IG and the cool kids are set on ruining anything “cool”. I do post my builds there but try to hold back the bulk of story and process to post here on the forum. To me it’s all about shared info!
    I agree with BCB that IG allows you to share only what you want, allowing you to only so ur successful stuff. When I post here I try to share my mistakes. 1 to show that we all mess up and 2 in hopes someone else can not make the same mistakes. Thats where the forum shines. It more of a step by step, look behind the curtain.


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      Thanks for keeping this going fist.
      Im way up north, but i consider the norcal flys are my crue. Alien run, and ccr2, Awsome times with new very good friends. We rode a couple of thousand miles together
      , when we started out we rode like a mob, but we rode like a crew at the end. Hopefully we will ride again. Viva motocantina!

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      Opated reading that made my day. There's alot of times we are ready to just throw in the towel.

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    The forum is definitely where the meat is, and I like to load my taco up!! Insta is the toppings, I try to go light so not to taint the deliciousness of the hot juicy meat. And if that sounded gay to you, you just might be.
    Biscuits and gravy.


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      I would also like to "load up your taco"...

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    I'm personally going to accept partial blame for some of this. Hell I'm one of the fist and I'm ashamed to say I haven't posted or been on much lately myself. I lurk and keep an eye on things but have been generally busy with life and the bullshit that goes with it. I'm going to try to cutout pumpkin spice lattes and focus more on this place.


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      Originally posted by Ramzy View Post
      I'm personally going to accept partial blame for some of this. Hell I'm one of the fist and I'm ashamed to say I haven't posted or been on much lately myself. I lurk and keep an eye on things but have been generally busy with public masturbation and the bullshit that goes with it. I'm going to try to cutout pumpkin spice lattes and focus more on pumpkin spice IPAs.
      I knew it...


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        Totes adorbs bro

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      Figured I’d post my thoughts. It’s funny to me because although a chopper scene I’m sure does exist in Michigan, I’m completely unaffected by it. I very rarely run into anybody that sees bikes the way I do. Yea social media makes it seem closer to home. But all the negativity that comes along with social media just seems not worth it. Trust me I can appreciate a good meme making fun of some poser douche. But at the same time some of the stuff on instagram is some judgemental bullshit. If your actually riding your bike a lot, I really don’t care what it is or what it looks like. My opinion really don’t matter. If your fakin the funk then you probably should be called out on it. But at the end of the day fuck em if they can’t take a joke. I’m sure I’ve been the butt of some credit card bikers joke or the power ranger types. But I ain’t mad at those guys either. You gotta do you in this life. It’s too god damn short.

      im getting way off track tho. I love the idea of forums to be able to help, get help, and show off your projects. And although I haven’t met none of y’all yet I still feel like I know some of you thanks to this place. I plan on changing that next year but having young kids makes shit tough. Also not many live anywhere near metro-Detroit. I’ve been slacking on being active on any forum myself. Trying to change that also.

      till then Drink Beer, eat pussy, and beat the fuck out of motor scooters.......pointless rant over.