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Harley "non-rebuildable" calipers by Brembo

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  • Harley "non-rebuildable" calipers by Brembo

    I've been doing a fair amount of custom work on a 2016 Street Glide that got run over while parked. One thing is blacking out the front end and replacing the ugly OE fender and caliper hardware with polished stainless steel hardware. Now the 08-up touring models and 06-up V-Rod models are equipped with Brembo calipers that have 0 rebuild information available from either Brembo or the MoCo. After poking around the interwebz for a while and seeing everything from "the MoCo's fucking us and it sucks but o'well" to "here's a step by step on how I jammed Honda piston seals of the wrong dimension in there and I haven't died yet" threads (btw, rebuild kits are available from Drag Specialties ) nobody addressed torque specs used for the hardware. So I did my own R&D. My torque wrench was checked last week for calibration both right handed and left handed torques and it's accurate (for the cost of Snap On torque wrenches, the mother fucker better be). I checked 2 of the bolts that sandwich the two halves on each caliper and found the same exact results all 4 times. At 18 ft lbs and the torque wrench set to left hand thread, the bolts don't move. At 18.5 ft lbs left hand, the bolts start to turn. So, if you want to upgrade your hardware or need to rebuild your Brembo Harley non servicable calipers and were wondering what torque to use for the three bolts in each caliper that hold the two halves together...

    18 ft lbs!!! (I had originally guessed it would be 18-22 but they all moved at 18.5 so use your own discretion about how far you're willing to go with it)

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    Great research. Thanks for checking that out
    Posts while cruisin....